April 6, 2016

How Top Draw Does Remarketing

Remarketing is a unique way to re-connect our clients with people who have shown enough interest in their products or services in the past to have visited their website.

You might remember that a while back, we whipped up a quick and informative post on Google’s Remarketing platform and how it can work for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Today we wanted to show you how we use it for our clients, and we wanted to shed a little light on how that might get done. The process can be a little different depending on who we are working with and their audience, but you’ll get the general idea.

Simply put, Remarketing allows advertisers to position targeted ads in front of pre-defined audiences as those people browse the rest of the internet. This helps to keep companies in the forefront of the minds of those lovely target audiences and prospects. Especially in cases like B2B business, where the sales process might require long periods of consideration, keeping top of mind can be a huge advantage.

Our development team will begin by adding a remarketing tag, (a small snippet of retrieved code from Google) across all of the pages of the website.

We then create several remarketing lists for those web pages focusing on things like the most popular services or product categories. We can see where most of the web traffic is flowing by examining data from Google Analytics.

When users visit these popular pages on the site they will be automatically sorted into those remarketing lists, allowing us to know what possible ads may interest them the most in the future.

Now our digital account strategists, with help from our in-house design team, will create unique graphic, video and text ad campaigns for those specific lists. 

When one of those users searches for products, services or related terms on Google, these custom ads will be displayed to them.

If you think about your customers, Remarketing might be the edge that can get you back in front of customers who visited your site but weren’t quite ready to take the plunge. 

Remarketing is how Top Draw can give you a second chance at success!

Talk to one of our Digital Account Managers today about remarketing with Top Draw.

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