April 27, 2016

Is Alberta the Next Silicon Valley?

After attending the 14th annual TEC VenturePrize Awards Celebration you may have thought you were in Mountain View, California! The companies that were highlighted were definitely the epitome of innovation.

TEC VenturePrize welcomed 12 Alberta based startup companies who are taking innovation and business to the next level. The ceremony highlighted a variety of companies who are using technology to not only change the lives of Albertans – but impacting their clients and customers on a global scale.¬†Companies such as InstaMek, who specialize in on demand auto repair, Magnet Oncology Solutions, who have developed ground breaking technology in cancer radiotherapy, and Ceres, who take an environmentally friendly approach to enhancing spent grains locally in Alberta, were among the few companies that are the next “big thing” in the respective industry.
These startups (who by the way- make me feel very unaccomplished and bad about myself) are putting Alberta on the map, and without organizations like TEC VenturePrize – I would not have had the honour to have been exposed to such innovation and talent.

I went home inspired by the entrepreneurs I met and motivated, thinking of all the different ways I could help these types of businesses through Top Draw.

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