International Chemical Group


Shaping a cohesive brand architecture

International Chemical Group (ICG) tasked us with clarifying the company’s brand value and product lines. Our strategic positioning needed to highlight the global reach of their business units, along with their century-deep legacy.


A clarified brand position

In our audit and research, we discovered ICG had an opportunity to bring more sophistication, consistency and unity to their communications.

Striking visual identity

Their new brand system, colour palette and logo illustrate the power behind this global force of experts. With molecules in a patterned formation, the visual identity creates a bridge between the subject matter and the unity of the ICG group.

Seamless digital experience

Completed within a strategic UI/UX framework, the new ICG website encourages users to access information in an instant. Products are clearly categorized by industry, and their associated datasheets are available on each page.


A trusted and essential brand

Now, ICG can share their world-renowned products and expertise confidently. Their new brand position, visual identity and website reflect the high level of care and attention that goes into their daily work.

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