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Driving momentum for new careers

With a workforce approaching retirement, Westcan Bulk Transport needed an online recruitment campaign that would capture the minds and hearts of a younger crowd.

We knew a combination of compelling creative and digital strategy would be vital to reaching millennials seeking a meaningful career.


Customer journey mapping

To make the project successful, we had to first understand the motivations that would best encourage someone to apply to become a trucker for Westcan.

We created user stories, personas and journey maps to delve into the psychology of a potential applicant, understand their needs and identify their demographics.

Storytelling videos

To bring our insights to life, we partnered with Back Road Productions to create an inspiring video series, Meant for the Road.

The concept presents the open road as a calling, bringing opportunities for freedom, growth and adventure.

Illustrating the pride of becoming a driver, the story follows a young man pursuing his passion while raising a family.

Targeted digital marketing

Once we crafted the video series, we needed to help Westcan meet its target audience where they spent the most time: online.

Our experts selected the most impactful digital platforms to launch the campaign. A diverse mix of ad buys on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram were all hyper-targeted toward young, family-oriented folks.

The ads led to a storytelling microsite with strong calls-to-action to apply for a career with Westcan.

  • 8,100+
    interested applicants
  • 482,000+
    video views
  • 1.2 million+


Videos go viral

The campaign quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of views, garnering attention and press from across the country.

But, most importantly, we drove thousands of leads online, inspiring a whole new generation to apply to Westcan.

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