eMotors Direct Succeeds with YouTube


eMotors Direct is a leading Canadian motor retailer on a mission to improve the industrial motor supply chain. eMotors saw that many common motor topics lacked thoughtful and high-quality videos to help customers. Recognizing this need, eMotors developed video content and partnered with Top Draw, an Edmonton-based digital marketing agency to optimize them.

Problem Statement

eMotors was building out high-quality video content and wanted to ensure maximum reach on YouTube. Their past videos were not reaching the desired target audience, resulting in limited views and sub-optimal brand exposure. They needed a solution that would boost their organic views, ultimately driving engagement and sales.

The Top Draw Solution

After assessing eMotors existing YouTube strategy, Top Draw identified various gaps and opportunities to take advantage of, in order to improve the performance of their YouTube videos.

Their strategic plan included:

  1. Keyword Optimization: Analysis and identification of the most relevant keywords or phrases for eMotors’ potential customers. Once identified, these keywords or phrases were then implemented into video titles and descriptions to increase visibility in YouTube and Google search results.
  2. CTA (Call-to-Action): Effective CTAs were integrated within the videos in cards, end screens, and descriptions to drive customers to a desired conversion.
  3. Video Descriptions: High-level overviews, keywords, and chapters were incorporated to better optimize the videos to encourage interaction and easier navigation of the different topics within each video.



The research, strategy and assets implemented by Top Draw resulted in a significant increase in the organic views of eMotors’ YouTube videos. Their videos gained thousands of organic views and subscriptions, demonstrating a high-impact and successful improvement to their digital presence.

Aside from digital impacts, eMotors has also gained several new recurring-revenue customers, directly attributed to viewing the technical how-to videos. The educational content helped establish eMotors as a credible resource in the minds of potential customers.

Jill Wallace, Director of Marketing and Operations at eMotors remarked, “We put a lot of effort into making engaging videos and wanted to ensure we set the content up for success. We’re extremely proud of how well they’re being received and the reach that Top Draw has helped us hit.”

The result of this increased visibility was significantly enhanced brand exposure and customer engagement levels. The optimized content was able to effectively reach the target audience, drive customer interest in their products, and ultimately, increase sales conversions.


The partnership between eMotors and Top Draw underscores the power of thoughtful video content combined with well-researched and careful optimization. By leveraging data-driven tactics, content strategy, and focusing on customer engagement, they successfully increased organic views on YouTube, demonstrating a significant uplift in the brand’s digital presence.

eMotors plans on continuing their video series to educate customers on electric motors, with everything from basic maintenance tips – to how to select the right product for your application.

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