StrapsAway’s Magnetic Success with 84% More Sales


StrapsAway is a mother/daughter-owned company that creates a magnetic car seat strap holder that makes it easier to buckle up your children. The product can be difficult to visualize in use, so Top Draw edited a StrapsAway video to better optimize it for use with advertising. This edited video was used to advertise the product on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Search


Top Draw targeted potential customers on demographics and interests such as people looking at minivans, people shopping for baby products, and new parents. The advertising results over a 2-month run were:

  • We reached 70k people with the video on Facebook & Instagram
  • Online revenue increased by 84%

Robyn Adams, General Manager of StrapsAway said, “After Top Draw’s campaign started, we saw a large boost in our website traffic and online sales. We loved seeing the fantastic results on our bottom line and will be getting into doing more social media strategy with Top Draw.”

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