What the Heck is Content Marketing?

What is Content Marketing?

Screen Shot 2014-11-27 at 2.28.15 PMFirstly, content marketing isn’t new. It’s been around since a caveman first painted how-to’s for hunting on the inside of cave walls. The only differences between then and now, besides better hygiene and housing, are the tools used for content marketing. Remember when you used to flip through the yellow pages to look up information about a company? That could have been considered a new tool at one point, but today the Internet offers way better and more efficient tools for businesses and consumers to connect.

How to succeed with content marketing

Content marketing, quite simply, is how you tell your brand’s story. Notice that I said tell your story, not sell your story.

What types of content marketing can I use?

You can use video, images, blogs, etc. to attract and retain customers with relevant information that makes your customers feel like they’ve learned something new about your brand. You want to stand out in the crowd, so provide intriguing content that makes the reader want to stop and think.

Allow me to use the following image to help illustrate my point.

simplified blogging

Let’s pretend the street is the Internet and the electrical pole is a media platform, like Facebook, that let’s you post your story.

Now the content you create to include on the post should be appropriate to your platform, like how this pole and even Facebook offers a large amount of space for an image and text – use it!

The content you create should be colourful, relevant and useful enough to attract your market or, in this instance, followers. It can be put together in a compelling way that creates some hype or brings in new customers.

And the comments, shares, etc. are the ways in which you can measure the success of your content.

Know Your Company Culture

Don’t try to fake it to make it – stay true to your company’s voice – there’s no right or wrong answer. People respond to companies that are authentic and true to its culture.

Measure Your Success

It’s so important to evaluate your content; don’t just focus on the success of your content marketing, but look at what didn’t work and change your strategy accordingly.

So how do you measure the success of your content marketing? There are a number of online analytics that can provide you with specific stats on the success of your content, or you can simply look at the buzz around your content – the shares, reposts, comments, retweets, and new customers who walk through your door!

Now that you know the gist of content marketing you put your words into action.

Happy content marketing, my friends!


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