Freeing Up Entrust’s Time to Focus on Families

Top Draw saves Entrust Disability Services valuable admin time and allows them to connect with qualified families faster.

Services Provided: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), Content Creation

Key Stats

  • Reduced Time Handling Leads by 60%: A multi-step form automatically qualifies leads, freeing up Entrust’s team to focus on qualified inquiries.
  • 41% of Leads from Online Ads: Targeted ads drove a significant increase in qualified leads, maximizing impact.
  • Targeted Conversions: High-performing keywords allowed Entrust to reach families actively seeking their services.
  • Improved Conversion Rate: Streamlined landing pages facilitated seamless booking and appointment scheduling.


Entrust, a leading provider of disability support in Alberta, was struggling to reach the right families in need. While they had a website, they received numerous inquiries from parents who had not yet received government funding. This led to a time-consuming process of manually sorting through form submissions.

Why Top Draw

“With limited resources, we needed to connect with the right families. Top Draw’s focus on qualified leads has been a game-changer, freeing up our team to provide the best possible support.”
Amanda Hooper, Marketing & Communications Manager, Entrust Disability Services


Smarter Lead Generation

  • Multi-Step Qualification Form: A strategically designed form automatically filters qualified leads, saving Entrust valuable administration time.
  • Targeted PPC Campaigns: Data-driven ad campaigns focused on the right keywords, attracting families actively searching for Entrust’s services.
  • Informative Disqualification Page: For disqualified leads, a dedicated page clearly outlines funding options and points them to the resources they need.

Effortless Lead Management

  • Seamless Booking Integration: Optimized landing pages with Calendly booking forms allowed qualified leads to schedule appointments directly.
  • Automated Lead Qualification: Automatic filtering removed the need for manual sorting, streamlining the process.

Our Impact

Top Draw’s data-driven approach transformed Entrust’s online presence. Our strategic digital marketing streamlined the flow of leads from marketing to sales. By generating qualified leads and automating lead qualification, we freed up valuable admin time for Entrust’s team. This allowed them to focus on what matters most—providing exceptional support to families in need and making a difference in Alberta communities.

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