June 28, 2023

Our Journey to Becoming a Fully Virtual Company

Written by Adriel Michaud

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world as we know it has undergone some significant changes. As a part of that seismic shift, businesses across the globe have had to adapt to a new normal, one that broke the conventional norms of a regular office environment. At Top Draw, we too adapted, and with the passing time, we realized that we weren’t just adapting – we were thriving.

Initially, our shift to working from home was seen as a temporary measure, a necessary adaptation to the global health crisis. However, as weeks turned into months, we began to notice certain undeniable advantages. Our team showed remarkable resilience and creativity, proving that a physical office was not necessary for us to function effectively. We also found that the work-from-home model facilitated a healthy work-life balance, leading to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

During this period, we observed other companies gradually reverting to their old ways. They reopened their offices, bringing their staff back into the traditional workspace. But for us at Top Draw, the benefits of a remote work structure had become too substantial to ignore. We saw improved efficiency, happier employees, and even potential cost savings that came with cutting down on office overhead.

And so, after careful thought and thorough analysis, we have made the exciting decision to become a 100% virtual company. We’ve decided to sell our physical office and embrace the digital realm fully.

However, we understand that there are certain aspects of business that thrive best in a face-to-face setting. To ensure we continue to offer personalized service and maintain strong relationships with our clients, we will still be meeting them in person. These meetings can take place at their offices, in third-party venues, or any place that’s conducive to a productive discussion. We see this as a perfect blend of digital convenience and personal interaction.

In the end, we believe that this shift to becoming a fully virtual company is not just about adapting to a post-Covid world, but also about staying ahead of the curve. We have always strived to be a forward-thinking organization, and going virtual is a leap towards that goal. We are excited about this new chapter in Top Draw’s journey, and we’re eager to share the benefits of this shift with our clients and our team.

We want to thank every member of our team for their resilience, hard work, and adaptability during these changing times. We also want to assure our clients that we will continue to deliver the same level of excellence and commitment that they have come to expect from us. Even though we’re moving away from a physical office, our dedication to our clients remains stronger than ever.

In the end, we understand that change may seem daunting, but at Top Draw, we’re viewing this as an exciting new adventure, a challenge to be embraced. We believe in the limitless potential of our team, and we’re confident that this transition will only enhance our productivity and creativity.

Welcome to the new age of Top Draw – entirely digital, yet always personal.

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