May 3, 2016

Edmonton's 15-to-Clean? Challenge Accepted!

On April 28th, we participated in the City of Edmonton’s 15-to-Clean challenge.  This initiative was started in its efforts to create a clean and safe city while adding the fun-factor of challenging us to pick up as much litter as we could in 15 minutes.

At Top Draw, we believe  it’s important to give back to our community in any means possible.  Having this opportunity to be apart of this challenge was not only fun for us to participate in, but it was also a chance to do our part for a good cause.  At the end of the day… when we work together to clean up our neighbourhood, we can create a place that everyone can enjoy.
Before we started the clean up, we of course HAD to take a Top Draw Selfie (cause why not?!).

To add a little sugar and spice, we decided to to get creative and set teams of three to compete with each other. With separate teams covering more surface area, we ended up finding some pretty cool (and gross) things:

“Don’t eat it, don’t eat it!”

“What IS that?!”

At the end of the 15-to-Clean Challenge, each team’s bags were judged by size and weight. The winning team of this challenge got a basket full of all kinds of candy and sugary goodness.. As well as a bottle of champagne.

Which bag do you think looks the biggest and heaviest?

So how was the winner determined, you ask?  A judge (yours truly), decided which teams had the largest and heaviest bags.  Unfortunately, the two categories weren’t able to decide on one winner so the two ‘runner-ups’ duelled to the death with an epic battle of rock-paper-scissors.  The winners were:

The 15-to-Clean CHAMPIONS soaking up in all their glory.

Thank you to the City of Edmonton for hosting the 15-To-Clean Capital City Clean Up Challenge and providing gloves and garbage bags.  We had a blast and most importantly, our neighbourhood is looking a lot cleaner and we want to keep it that way!

Top Draw’s Awesome Team Photo

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