Trade Accelerator Program (TAP)


Tapping into digital potential

Whether you’re building a venture or expanding into new markets, digital marketing is essential to every business.

With the launch of the Trade Accelerator Program (TAP), the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce recognized this fact. They selected Top Draw as a trusted digital partner to train local entrepreneurs and promote the initiative online.


Tools of the trade

Mentoring dozens of companies, we helped shape marketing plans, while also coaching members on digital best practices.

Our team worked with businesses to identify key areas of improvement for website design, SEO and online advertising. Plus, we held informative sessions on digital marketing essentials, equipping these enterprising businesses for success.

Growing online leads

As part of our partnership with TAP, we launched online marketing campaigns to drive awareness and applications for the program.

From Google Search and Display to social media and remarketing, we finely targeted ads to reach Edmonton entrepreneurs and businesses. Our strong keyword research and optimization efforts positioned the campaigns for success.

  • 2.3 million+
  • 29,000+
    link clicks
  • 130+
    applications submitted


From local to global

Our TAP clients can now leverage digital tools to expand into new markets. Equipped with tangible and valuable training, they can navigate platforms and hyper-target audiences with the most impact for their business.

Through our online campaigns, we also drove substantial impressions, traffic and applications for TAP, connecting engaged audiences to their export resources and courses. The program continues to thrive and accelerate Edmonton businesses toward international growth.

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