Entos Pharmaceuticals


Conveying the power of Fusogenix

Curing coronavirus is a lofty ambition—but Entos Pharmaceuticals is well on its way to accomplishing this goal. To garner funding for their groundbreaking gene technology, they came to us to shape a modern brand and website.


Elevated brand identity

The new logo evokes the intelligence of Entos’ science while positioning them as the thought leader they are. In bright purple and blue hues, the colourful microscopic compounds convey the life and vitality behind their work.

A fresh online experience

We created a visually captivating digital presence to share the Entos brand with the world. The diagrams and content interplay seamlessly, demonstrating the revolutionary impact of their Fusogenix drugs.


Making a global impact

Since launching their brand and website, Entos received $4.2 million from the Government of Canada for a COVID-19 vaccine, which harnesses their Fusogenix technology.

The firm also recently won a US$109-million agreement for research, development and collaboration with a biopharmaceutical partner.

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