September 5, 2019

Why We’re Rebranding at 25

We’re lucky to have spent the past quarter century doing what we love most. But today, we’re setting our sights on the next chapter.

As we’ve been celebrating our 25th birthday with 90s flair this summer, we’ve also been digging deep behind the scenes. We’ve crystallized our brand values, philosophy and direction.

And now, we’re ready to share a peek at what’s to come for the new Top Draw brand, launching late 2019. 

Making our mark

This November, we’ll begin our 26th year in business. We’re gearing up to step into this next era with an invigorated, purpose-led brand. 

Our new aesthetic and language are expressions of one big idea, a sentiment that touches and motivates all that we do.

The changemaker mentality

We’ve helped hundreds of clients spark company-wide change through digital marketing. Whether we’re planning, analyzing, managing or creating, our inquisitive minds take great pride in finding untapped potential. 

From redefining how our clients market their businesses online to reinvigorating how they connect with their audiences: The spirit of discovery is alive and well at Top Draw. 

Here, the latest tools and technology meet best practices. Because, great digital marketing is never fixed or stagnant. It’s ever-evolving. 

That’s why, beyond being experts in our field, we’re changemakers, first and foremost. 

Launching soon

In the coming months, keep an eye out for the exciting official launch of our new brand. 

To wind up The OGD blog series, check back for a recap of the celebratory campaign and see all the ways our team commemorated the big 25.

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