June 14, 2019

The OGD Bash Recap: Party Like It’s 1993

Floppy discs and dunkaroos galore. We celebrated our 25th with staff and clients in fly 90s style.

Neon lights, inflatable flamingos on the dance floor, burnt CDs suspended everywhere–our 25th anniversary party was a blast from the past that will always linger in our hearts.

The venue, The Rice Howard Theatre at the Citadel, was transformed into a nostalgic den of dreams, with lights, campaign graphics, posters, vinyls and tunes to set the mood.

From tracksuits to butterfly clips, amped-up athletic attire to bold prints and patterns, our guests’ finest 90s looks didn’t disappoint.   

When we weren’t getting jiggy on the dance floor, we enjoyed custom catered tastes such as ‘Better than Dunkaroos’, ‘Top Pockets’, ‘Charcuterie Munchables’ and of course ‘Throwback Tots’.

We also held a social media giveaway for 8 tickets to Soundtrack Music Festival, featuring old-school greats such as Boyz II Men, Ashanti, Ludacris and more. Guests left with a fanny pack full of goodies, including a secret message from our president, Ken Jurina, on a USB stick.

Cheers to 25 more years

We’d like to thank our wonderful clients and staff, past and present, for making the past 25 years something to truly celebrate. And, a special thanks to all the amazing people who made this event a success.

Next month, we’ll deliver a sneak peek of Top Draw’s rebrand, which will be launched later this year. Be sure to follow along on our social channels as well.

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