digital marketing and COVID-19

What Digital Marketing Might Look Like Due to COVID-19

digital marketing and COVID-19

Every single business in the world has been affected by COVID-19. The pandemic has revealed that digital marketing is becoming more essential than ever. Businesses have reacted quite swiftly in recognizing the need to focus on digital channels, and Top Draw has seen a lot of new opportunities come our way because some brands have decided to double down on their digital marketing. That’s because COVID-19 has limited their ability to connect with customers and sell their products or services. Let’s talk a little bit about what digital marketing may look like in the wake of COVID-19.

If You’re Already Invested in Digital Marketing⁠—Step It Up!

COVID-19 has made it abundantly clear to many business owners and marketing departments that they were trailing behind in their digital marketing. It has forced them to catch up, launch new initiatives, begin content marketing, build up website content, execute that search engine optimization strategy that has been on the back burner, and even build a social media strategy. More and more companies are realizing that digital is the priority in marketing right now, and this will only continue to grow. At Top Draw, we’ve had to help our clients navigate the COVID-19 business landscape, and that’s required us to be even more responsive in assisting our clients and helping them adapt to this new reality. Our clients and team members share a sense of urgency about what can be done right now. Everyone is focused on solutions that will help them today. 

If You Don’t Have a Digital Marketing Plan, It’s Not Too Late

Now, we may be a bit biased and think that everyone recognizes that digital marketing and digital transformation is happening at all organizations, but there are some businesses that don’t think that way. Digital transformation is not just a buzz word, it needs to be a high priority for your business. As more businesses are becoming aware that they need to be able to operate their company digitally, it’s important to stay competitive. You might even get to the point where you will be able to digitize your entire business. Brands are looking to find more ways to sell online, and we are seeing a lot of companies shifting towards an e-commerce model. This is exciting for us, but it’s a huge change for many business owners and marketers. Remember that you either control the pace of change at your organization, or your competitors will.

Three Predictions About the Impact of COVID-19 on Digital Marketing

Here’s what I think are some trends Top Draw and the digital marketing industry might see in the coming months due to COVID-19.

  1. Marketing agencies might see an uptick in business as companies try to find ways to a way to augment their sales through digital marketing.
  2. The investment in online advertising (social, search, and display ads) decreased during COVID-19. Advertising will likely bounce back after COVID-19 and might even boom.
  3. Brands will invest more in organic strategies such as search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing, 

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