May 8, 2018

Top Draw: New and Improved!

With an early entry into digital, Top Draw has always developed impactful marketing for our clients. Recently, we’ve made substantial strides building a culture and workplace that attracts the most talented digital marketing experts in the region. That culture focus has reaped benefits for us and our clients.

When we see the drastic improvements we’ve made to a client’s paid advertising, SEO or digital strategy, it’s not a surprise, it’s expected. Of course the account has improved! We’re better, and our results show it clear as day. Maybe that sounds arrogant, but this is our passion. We nerd out on high-performance digital marketing in daily conversations and demand results for our clients. This is our normal.

Our happy place is implementing strategic campaigns to create impact – results. We are the least happy and enthusiastic when executing campaigns we know won’t work, but that the client “wants to do it that way”. Marketing agencies are partners, not order takers, at least the good ones are. We work with our clients as partners to market their businesses in the best way we possibly can: to get results. Results are what we expect and what we want out of the work we do.

The Start of Something New

As we’ve been turning up the dial on our culture and expertise, Top Draw has also added some serious creative muscle. The additions matched a need to work with our clients above and beyond a purely marketing-based relationship. The work we created during these creative and brand projects allowed us to start submitting for awards to showcase what we’re capable of. We went from 0 awards to taking home 14 local and national level awards for creative work in the past 2 months!

With the combination of a killer digital team and an expanding creative department that’s raking in the trophies, we’re finding our focus has become split. How do we effectively focus on two very different yet winning aspects of the business?


Top Draw will be re-focused on the promise of delivering high performing digital marketing. The beautiful part is that we now have a great creative and branding agency to help clients that really need to solve a brand-level problem before driving more business to their existing brand.

Top Draw will continue to be a trusted, results-driven, high performance, strategic digital marketing agency, partnering with businesses locally and beyond. Our reputation of 20+ years of providing great brands with results has allowed us to form relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect.

Know What’s Next
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