May 24, 2018

Google for Jobs: Now in Canada

In a recent announcement mid-May, Google has jumped into the recruitment arena in Canada with Google for Jobs.

What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs is an enhanced job hunting platform that aggregates listings from job boards and job listings on company sites. Google is trying to make the job hunt easier by neatly connecting job searchers and opportunities by grouping multiple instances of the same job posting together.

Is Google for Jobs good for my company?

Job hunters start their search on Google. Google for Jobs shows right beneath ads and above organic search results so I think it’s reasonable to assume that job hunters will begin to use it quickly.

If you’re looking to hire candidates, especially if you do so regularly this is a platform that you’re going to want to be on.

Here’s what it looks like in the search engine:

How Does it Work?

Google is literally known for being the world’s most powerful search engine and this job search platform is easy to use and, frankly, pretty awesome.

The search functionality is fantastic and the filters are easy to use. Job hunters get a snapshot of everything they need to know on one screen.

Here’s an example of it in action:

How to Get Your Job Posting in Google for Jobs

Okay, I’m sure now you’re convinced that getting on this platform is what your business needs. Great! There are two ways it happens:

1. Using Third Party Job Boards

First off, if you have your job posting on any of the traditional online board posts, you’ll see your posting show in Google’s job search engine. Google will be pushing users to apply using whichever job boards you have your posting on. There is a downside; not all job boards and career sites are integrated.

2. Implementing Job Posting Structured Data on Your Website

The second option is, in my opinion, so much better! Using specific structured data markup, also known as schema, for Job Postings, you can get your posts in Google for Jobs directly from your site and have your posts show up in Google for Jobs above any organic listing. For Free.

We’re currently testing it out here at Top Draw. As soon as we added the structured data markup for Jobs, we were in nearly immediately! This feature is still new to Canada, but so far the results are great.

As a bonus for us data nerds, Google automatically tags the click to our site so we can easily measure results in Google Analytics.

Hook My Site Up

Interested in learning more about how to get your employment opportunities on Google for Jobs directly from your website? Give us a shout.

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