Crowdfunding and Innovation in Edmonton – What I Learned at Ignite Festival

Yesterday I had the opportunity to attend Edmonton Economic Development’s Ignite Edmonton Festival. Ignite Edmonton is a gathering which fosters entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in Edmonton. The set up was different than ordinary conferences having each of the five pavilions in the same room as the main stage, and the interior design creatively set up.

Ignite Festival


Crowdfunding in Edmonton

Sessions for Thursday filled up quick, but I was able to sit in on Crowdfunding 101 which was, surprisingly, brand new for some people! As someone who is always on the computer with her smartphone attached to her hip, I was really taken aback with the amount of people who had never heard of Kickstarter, Indiegogo or crowdfunding in general. It was great to hear firsthand experiences from local entrepreneurs, Prairie Noodle Shop, who had used crowdfunding for marketing and community building and not just reaching a dollar amount.

What was really driven home at the session was the importance of having an online community supporting you. Being on social media, reaching out to community influencers and engaging with people on social media is invaluable for a company and in that particular case, entrepreneurs.

As work is busy I had to set off to the Top Draw office before lunch, but I managed to squeeze in two keynote speakers and some networking before heading back. I returned to my office with a big smile on my face (and a tote bag full of free books for reading), motivated to be more innovative and creative in my thinking.

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