Worldwide online marketing

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Civeo provides welcoming places for remote employees to live and work. The company manages accommodations and food services for 24 lodges in Canada, three in the United States and nine in Australia.

Our strategists worked closely with Civeo’s marketing department to understand how to effectively leverage digital marketing in their industry. While the internet is an international tool, each country has different regulations for audience targeting, keyword research and privacy laws. Our goal was to encourage the right audiences to connect with Civeo and sign up for their remote lodging services.


Comprehensive keyword research

The backbone of every successful digital marketing project is detailed, ongoing keyword research. Through our insights, we set the direction for the strategy and the Google Ads account that we created from the ground up.

Impactful ad copy

Our team created ad and landing page copy that converts. We followed best practices for Google Ads, created messages that would resonate with searchers and conducted regular A/B testing to find optimization opportunities.

Ongoing improvements & opportunities

To ensure Civeo’s digital marketing project had the best chance of success, we continuously looked for new opportunities to improve their Google ads account, organic search engine optimization (SEO) and landing pages. To accomplish this, we closely monitored their website analytics and optimized our strategy according to monthly performance.

Customized digital marketing training

Our team created and conducted tailored in-house and video-conference training for Civeo’s local and international marketing teams. The goal of these sessions was to emphasize that conversions outweigh impressions. Our experts taught Civeo the most effective ways to monitor insights and improve performance.

  • 176%
    increase in leads
  • 21%
    increase in organic traffic
  • 16%
    increase in website sessions


Boosting business performance

Our approach resulted in a significant lift in organic traffic and website sessions. We also drove a large increase in contact form fills and phone calls. This substantial boost in leads has helped Civeo grow its online presence across three countries.

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