December 13, 2016

Top Marketing and Sales Tools that Integrate with Slack

Slack has drastically improved communication within teams – you don’t have to shoot an email to decide where to have lunch anymore, or walk up to a dozen desks. Instead, you can post questions to your teammates via your Slack team channel. On a more serious note, Slack has reduced the time taken to resolve issues and has improved the overall efficiency of our team, and probably yours.

Software developers use the app to send and integrate code and managers use the app to track and manage team efforts, so why shouldn’t marketers and sales personnel use the app to streamline their tasks?

The following list includes 11 sales and marketing tools that integrate with Slack:

1. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the top email marketing tools available to marketers. You can integrate MailChimp with Slack to monitor subscribes, unsubscribes and your campaign sending status (if you have scheduled it to go out in advance) with ease.

Once you have authenticated your MailChimp account on Slack, you will be able to choose the lists that you want to monitor for the mentioned events. The Slack integration eliminates the need for you to visit the dashboard and allows you to monitor your email marketing campaigns real-time.

2. DrumUp

DrumUp is a great social media management and content curation app to have in your toolkit. You can integrate it with Slack to receive content recommendations based on keywords that you set via any Slack channel that you choose. You can also schedule the content recommendations that you receive right from your Slack channel to your social media pages.

You can use the DrumUp Slack integration to have your teammates share top-notch content related to your niche. Doing this can help them build powerful personal brands on social media, which could be more beneficial for your business than your corporate brand.

3. Mention

Mention is a really cool social media listening tool that integrates with Slack. You can instruct your Mention account to capture and recap either specific @mentions (say made by an influencer), or all @mentions of your brand on a daily recap message via Slack.

If you prefer viewing information via Slack instead of email, Mention’s Slack integration is the way to go.

4. Clearbit

Using the Clearbit Slack integration, you can deliver useful information about every lead that signs-up on your website, real-time, to your sales team. The live information can be helpful in registering when each of your leads actually interacts with your website, helping you plan the ideal time to reach out to them.


GIFs are great for social media engagement. They’re also great for team morale and spirit. You can share GIFs on Slack with the GIPHY integration by using the command /giphy along with a description of the GIF that you’re seeking to send.

The interesting aspect of this integration is that the GIF that is posted is random and you don’t get to see what you have sent until it is delivered to the intended Slack channel. You could use this to your advantage by springing some random, inspiring fun on your team, or you could have a private chat with the /giphy command to save up some great ones to share with your team.


If your team uses Slack to share important email drafts or marketing/sales content, NURTZ can be a life saver. The tool’s Slack integration proofreads your text without you having to leave the app. You can install the tool and never worry about sending emails/sales content with spelling and grammatical errors.

7. ARC

Here’s a tool that facilitates brief summaries of your Google Analytics metrics via Slack. You simply need to verify your Google Analytics account for accuracy before you let ARC pull data and insights from the tool. Quick metric updates can be super-useful for your sales and marketing teams in making real-time decisions, without having to visit Google Analytics and interpret its data.

8. PredictHQ

PredictHQ lets you receive real-time alerts on saved searches, projects or custom alerts via your Slack channel. The app helps deliver exactly what you’re searching for on a consistent basis to your team.

For instance, if your team is pulling an all-day effort on finding events in Chicago to participate in or partner with, you could create an alert that notifies you every time such an event is found.

9. Marker

Sometimes, you need to communicate a lot information quickly to your teammates. Instead of describing your issue, you could send an annotated screenshot that illustrates what you have to say.

Marker is a Chrome extension that doubles-up as a Slack app, allowing you to send screen-captures to your team. The extension lets you add text, arrows and emojis, and also automatically picks-up and shares the URL of the page that you’re sharing with colleagues.

10. Intro

Intro is a cool way to reach out to your teammates’ social media connections via Slack. Once you set up  the app, your teammates will be asked to edited their profiles by means of a notification. For team members who aren’t on Intro, the app will pull data from their public profiles like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Through the app, you will get a list of your team members, and each one of them will have a “private professional network” on the app. Using the /Intro command, you can ask for introductions or search for people by full name, company name or email address. You could use the app to recruit people or find leads through your official networks.

11. Trello

Trello is a great way to plan to-do lists for your team. You can assign tasks on “cards” and set due dates to organize your team’s efforts. You can move cards between lists and leave comments on them to communicate with your team.

You can activate Trello on Slack by downloading the app and typing in the command /trello help. Once you have logged in to your Trello account, you will be able to operate the app from Slack.

Disha Dinesh is a content writer at Godot Media, a leading content agency. Her interests include social media and content marketing. When she’s not writing, she’s on the hunt for social media trends and inspiration.

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