February 6, 2015

Three Online Call Tracking Options For Lead Generation & How To Use Them

How To Use: Forwarded Tracked Calls

How does this work? Simple. You list a phone number called  ‘A’ on the website, which forwards to phone number ‘B’ that is your business line. The tracking software tracks that a call occurred on phone number ‘A’ and tracks call length as well as aggregate data around the time of the call. Extremely simple, and it offers better data than pouring over phone bills to figure out when calls came in!

By using separate numbers, you can track how different marketing channels generated new calls: for example, we’ve used different phone numbers for specific on page campaigns & PPC campaigns to track their success in generated tracked calls.  We can run this online call forwarding method perfectly in tandem with off-site campaigns, so we can easily compare web, PPC, billboards, and tradeshows for call-generation performance against each other very easily.

How To Use: Dynamic Number Insertion

Dynamic number insertion is a more comprehensive method for tracking on-site metrics and sources. Rather than a phone number for every unique source, you use a pool of different phone numbers that are rotated when users come to the site. If that person calls, we’re able to fully connect their website browsing session, with exactly how they got to the site and which pages they found interesting, to the call. That’s SUPER important, because it lets us see how real prospects use the site and we can focus on making the experience better for them. No more aggregate data, just cold hard data on how specific prospects got to the site. This is about as accurate as it gets with regards to(showing which marketing activities are working, and how prospects used the website. This type of call tracking makes the most sense when paired with a Marketing Automation platform.

How To Use: Fully Recorded Calls

You’ve all heard this one before: “This call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes.” While it doesn’t necessarily do much more for tracking than either of the options above, it can be invaluable as a sales or Customer Service Representative (CSR) quality assurance step. Some companies take a step beyond and score calls using these recordings, so that they can see which specific calls were real sales calls vs telemarketers vs all the other calls that aren’t leads. This method is self explanatory and may work for you if your call volume is manageable and you are able to afford the time and resources to go through a significant sample size of calls.

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