How to Find True Brand Love

TOP_E, our robot mascot, may be made of binary code, but inside him beats the heart of a true romantic. With Valentine’s Day approaching, our community was eager to learn his expert opinion on the topic: “How do I get my customers to fall in love with my brand?”

Dear human reader,

Just like finding your soulmate, creating a meaningful brand will attract your dream customers to your business. 

Let me break it down for you. You get approached by a great-looking robot: their metal is shiny, their antenna is exquisite, and they can sling those ones and zeros in a witty repartee that makes your body sound like a tympani at a classical music concert.

Where does that chemistry come from? Well, much like the process of falling in love, your brand needs to find the right audience, present yourself in the best light, and build empathy and trust. 

Understand Your Target

While there may be “plenty of fish in the sea,” trying to appeal to everyone will mean you will end up appealing to no one. You need to do some soul-searching and conduct some discovery.

This will allow you to glean insights about what your true company values are, what you bring to the table that nobody else can, and what kind of customer you want.

How old are they? What city do they live in? What do they do for work? What are their hobbies? Where does this type of person hang out on a regular basis? Is your brand even close to attracting this kind of customer, or are they way out of your league?

Look Your Best

If you want to impress future customers and make them fall in love with you, you need to look sharp. That means that you need to create a cohesive brand image that suits your personality and attracts your dream audience.

A vast majority of human purchasing decisions are influenced by visual factors, so make sure your business is dressed sharp and invest time in creating a brand identity. A beautiful visual system, clear brand guidelines, and modern creative assets will keep you looking fresh and ready to mingle with those customers.

Have Something to Say

So you’re looking fine, you saunter up to that hottie, but do you have something to say, or are you all flash and no substance?

Falling in love happens between the ears. You need to make sure that you have messaging that resonates with your audience, addresses their needs, and speaks to your business purpose. You accomplish this through consistent and high-quality content that educates, informs, and inspires your audience.

Be Empathetic

Nobody likes someone who is with you just for what they can receive. A healthy relationship is based on give and take.

Your business needs to solicit feedback, listen to it, and harness that information to solve a problem your customer is experiencing. You might discover you can meet needs that you never knew your customer had. When you listen and are empathetic to other people, it encourages alignment and gets you both on the same page.

Establish Trust 

What leads to most break-ups? A breach of trust. Never over-promise and under-deliver. You might look great on paper, but if a person receives a defective product or sub-par service, there’s going to be a problem.

Marketing can only do so much for your business. You need to make sure you earn and maintain your audience’s trust. For example, you should set up a customer support or review process, so you can listen and respond to issues.

Thanks for writing in, dear reader. If you master this advice, your customers will be sure to fall in love with your brand.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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