Get The Most Of Your Facebook Pixel

When it comes to digital marketing, Facebook is a superstar platform in terms of targeting. You can target based on job, company, interests, life events and relationship status. This is just the beginning of the endless targeting possibilities with Facebook. In order to leverage the rest of Facebook’s glory, you need to install the Facebook Pixel. The Pixel is a small snippet of Javascript you place on your site in order to build audiences and conversions. In order to get the most of your Facebook Pixel continue reading.

Install the Facebook Pixel

Install the Facebook Pixel with a little piece of Javascript and release Facebook’s super power! It will enable you to create extremely targeted ads and measure conversions that are important to your business. In order to install the Facebook Pixel, you can either do it through a tag management system like Google Tag Manager or you can hire a developer and manually insert the Pixel code into your website code. To double check that your Pixel was installed correctly you can download the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension, this will check that your Pixel is functioning and you are ready to create some killer Facebook ads.

Create Facebook Custom Audiences

Once the Facebook Pixel is installed you are able to create Custom Audiences. This is the ability to create lists of past website visitors, visitors that have only visited certain pages on your site, visitors that have completed specific events, and more! The benefit of creating these lists is that you are able to remarket to users on Facebook with very targeted ads. These users are very special as they have already shown interest in your product/service by already visiting your website therefore further down the marketing funnel. Making it easier to make them into a qualified lead.

Setup Standard Events in Facebook

Standard Events is another super power the Pixel contains. By setting up standard events, you are telling Facebook what you actions on your website are important to you. Whether that is a form fill out, PDF download, or an e-commerce purchase. By setting up Facebook Standard Events you can attribute actual conversions to your ad instead of merely tracking how many clicks you get to your website. This is crucial when trying to figure out ROA and the results of your Facebook ads.

Let Facebook Do The Work

In addition to letting you attribute your desired conversions to your Facebook ads by setting up standard events with your Pixel you also allow Facebook to optimize for the conversion you tell them you want to optimize for, whether that is a Lead, Add to Cart, or Purchase. Facebook optimizes your campaign by finding the people that are most likely to convert by looking at the current people in existing conversion and finding similarities. This will increase the opportunities you have for a user actually converting.
Once everything is setup your Facebook campaigns are ready to rock! If you’re still having troubles and need a little help give us a call, we are more than willing to help!

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