Sandeep Verma


Intermediate SEO & PPC Specialist


  • Bachelor of Information and Management, Kurukshetra University, India
  • Masters of Business Administration, Institute of Productivity and Management, India

Sandeep Verma is a Digital Marketer with a wealth of experience and a passion for driving online success. Born in India and migrating to Canada in 2017, Sandeep has worked in various sectors, including serving as an Assistant Manager at an ad agency handling Fortune 500 clients, managing marketing for a Cummins Dealer, and working in marketing within the automotive sector.

Sandeep possesses hard skills in managing Google and Facebook ads, implementing SEO techniques, utilizing various data reporting tools, and implementing marketing automations. His soft skills include key account management, the ability to remain calm under pressure, and strong analytical skills.

Choosing a career in digital marketing was a natural choice for Sandeep due to the immense career opportunities it offers, the ever-evolving nature of the field, and the ability to measure return on investment. Outside of work, Sandeep finds enjoyment in playing chess, exploring new locations through travel, and indulging in cycling.

With Sandeep Verma’s broad professional background, complemented by his hard skills in digital marketing and soft skills in key account management, composure under pressure, and analytical thinking, he is well-prepared to excel in the field of digital marketing.

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