Gabriel Margonari

UI/UX Designer


  • UI/UX Professional Certificate, Google Academy
  • Marketing Diploma, ILAC College, Vancouver
  • Experimental Psychology, University Rennes

Hailing from Brazil, Gabriel Margonari is a seasoned UI/UX Designer with a unique blend of academic backgrounds in Experimental Psychology and Marketing. His passion lies in transforming intricate ideas into engaging, user-friendly experiences and effective marketing deliverables.

Gabriel combines psychological insights with market-driven strategies to craft digital landscapes that resonate with audiences, showcasing not only visual appeal but also intuitive design. In his leisure time, Gabriel enjoys playing bass and the disciplined routine of weightlifting, all while finding inspiration in the company of his two salamanders.

A multifaceted personality, Gabriel is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of design, ensuring each project is a seamless blend of artistry and functionality.

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