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Growing corporate internet subscribers

Since 1995, MCSnet has brought high-speed internet to rural Albertans. After many successful years serving residential customers, they came to us to expand their corporate subscriber base.

Our job was to get the word out about MCSnet’s highly custom internet packages for businesses. We needed to create an omni-channel marketing strategy and campaign concept that resonated across digital and print touchpoints.


thoughtful strategic positioning

What sets MCSnet apart from other business internet providers? We needed to uncover the company’s differentiators and benefits to develop effective marketing for them.

Through our research and interviews with MCSnet, we discovered that they revolutionize how rural businesses connect to the modern world. Unlike the big comms conglomerates, they’re immersed in the communities where they work. MCSnet offers unrivalled local support and invests in technology that grows rural businesses.

powerful campaign concept

Armed with this insight, we created the campaign concept, “Grow Beyond”. Internet access is a right for everyone, and MCSnet delivers that with fast connections and an inclusive approach.

Our team shaped targeted key messages for entrepreneurs, established businesses, and large companies. Then, we created a punchy wordmark and visuals that conveyed all the ways you can grow with MCSnet.

engaging marketing campaign

It was essential to plan the campaign in a way that drove results. Our team identified strategic goals and selected the most impactful channels to communicate MCSnet’s message.

First, we crafted print materials for MCSnet’s sales team, which offered a professional and elevated experience for new customers. Then, we developed a persuasive landing page and digital ads that targeted each of the audience segments.



After launching the campaign, our team has constantly optimized the targeting to align with MCSnet’s other marketing efforts.

We’re now improving brand recognition and sign-ups for their business internet, so that they can continue to help rural companies grow beyond.

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