When Top Draw takes on a new client, one of the first things we typically do is ask for access to the following accounts:

  1. Facebook Account
  2. LinkedIn Account
  3. Instagram Account
  4. Twitter Account

These are just a few of the tools we need to set your project up for success.


Granting Top Draw access to your Existing Facebook Page and Ad Account

Facebook is a great asset to your digital marketing strategy, with its unique targeting capabilities you are able to target your exact persona at a low cost per click. Making Facebook a great platform to add to your portfolio of digital tools.

Top Draw requires administrator level access to your Facebook page and ad account in order to fully manage your campaigns. To grant Top Draw access to your Facebook page and ad account:

  • Top Draw will request access to your Facebook Page. Your team should have a notification in your inbox to approve access for Top Draw. Please approve.
  • Go to your Ad Account tab in your Business Manager and click Assign Partner. Grant Top Draw Ad account admin access.
  • Enter Top Draw’s Partner ID provided to you by your Account Manager.
  • Click Connect.

Top Draw should now be connected to both your Facebook Page and Ad account.


Assign an Instagram account to an ad account in Business Manager

Instagram ads can be created in ad creation or directly from your Facebook Page.

You can associate an Instagram account with an ad account using Business Manager. Keep in mind, the ad account and Instagram handle must already be in the same Business Manager to associate the two. You cannot associate ad accounts to Instagram accounts in a different Business Manager. Not to worry though, we’ll have sent you a request to add us by this point as per the above Facebook Instructions

To assign an ad account to an Instagram account in your Business Manager:

  1. Go to your Business Manager
  2. Click Business Settings > Instagram Accounts
  3. Click on the Instagram account you’d like to assign an ad account to
  4. Click Assign Ad Accounts
  5. To authorize one or more of your ad accounts to use the Instagram Account, check the box next to each ad account and click Save Changes


LinkedIn – Adding, Editing, and Removing User Permissions on Advertising Accounts

Account Managers can manage permissions for other users assigned to an advertising account in the Campaign Manager tool. Account Managers can add or remove users, as well as manage users’ access level in the account.

Top Draw requires administrator level access to your Linkedin Campaign Manager and ad account in order to fully manage your campaigns.

To access user permissions for an advertising account:

  1. Sign in to Campaign Manager.
  2. Locate and click the correct account name.
  3. Near the top right of the account page, click the  Settings icon next to the account name and select Manage access from the dropdown.



Adding a User

  1. Click Add user to account in the upper right corner of the Manage access pop-up window.
  2. Enter the name of the user and select the correct name from the dropdown list.
  3. Select a role from the dropdown list. Learn more about roles and functions for account users.
  4. Click Add user to account

Note: You can only add people who are 3rd-degree connections or less. Learn more about your network and degrees of connection.

source: Linkedin 


Granting Advertiser Access to Twitter

Twitter ad campaigns are a very strategic way to reach a particular audience that may be the perfect fit for your business. Many influencers can be found on this platform with a very strong following. Moving forward Top Draw will require Advertiser Access in order to deliver on our proposed recommendations. But it’s easy, we’ll just send you a request that’ll prompt you to log in. Please ensure that you’re an administrator for your business twitter account.