Google AdWords & PPC Management

A great AdWords campaign starts with exceptional keyword-driven content, populated by the most relevant and competitively searched terms. Inspiring call to action and getting more traffic to your site — instantly — will generate the highest ROI. With in-house Google certified employees in Adwords & Analytics, along with a dedicated team of creative strategists, we produce high ranking, focused ads that reach the target audience and drive conversions.


Remarketing turns previous visitors into returning buyers. Track your previous site visitors and draw them back in by strategically displaying your ads as they browse other sites. Through innovative know-how, we tag pages of your site to correspond with the services you wish to promote, so your brand is always in view – and when your previous visitor is ready to buy, you’ll only be a click away. Find out more.

Video Advertising

YouTube is the second most popular search engine globally, and it offers the opportunity for you to do TV-like advertising to very specific demographics. The effectiveness with YouTube is often better than traditional media sources because it offers such personalized targeting options. More information on video advertising.

Ongoing Optimization, Reporting, and Monitoring

A campaign is only as impressive as its relevancy and effectiveness after it’s gone live. That’s why ongoing monitoring, testing, and reporting is embedded in our daily routine to continuously improve your campaign’s performance, source new opportunities and ultimately maximize the value you’re getting for your marketing budget.

What We've Done

Google AdWords for Recruiting

The Edmonton Police Service (EPS) has recently learned how valuable effectively-run PPC campaigns can be for police recruitment. They had dabbled internally with pay-per-click trials in the past, but weren’t seeing the results they were hoping for. See how Top Draw turned that around for the EPS.

Let’s talk AdWords.

It’s guys like Mike who are responsible for the online remarketing ads that reappear after visiting a specific website. But it’s also guys like him that account for increased ROI & bottom line for clients. To learn more about what Mike can do, get in touch. Brace yourself, things can get pretty wild.