April 29, 2019

Neon 90s Spotlight: Meet Truuve

Ah, 25, wise enough to know the ropes, curious enough to tie them in new ways.

And, over the past year or so, that’s exactly what we’ve done with the formation of two specialized agency brands: Truuve, an automotive marketing team and Haste Post-haste, a branding and creative team. Together, we’re invested in shaking things up. With this new dynamic, we’re contributing to our clients’ growth in entirely new and exciting ways.

As the Truuve and Haste Post-haste brands continue to establish themselves in the marketplace, we’re finding ways to weave their work into a value-add for Top Draw’s digital marketing clients. Our next two blog posts in The OGD series will shine a neon 90s spotlight on each agency, beginning today with Truuve.

Shift your automotive sales strategy

Since 2017, Truuve has been helping auto dealership GMs, owners and marketing teams exceed their sales and conversion goals.

From quality lead generation and marketing strategies to creative concepting, design and execution, Truuve brings years of automotive industry experience to the table. We sat down with the talented team to learn more about their 0-60 world.

Meet your dream auto marketing team

What’s a telltale sign of a good marketing partner? Shiney awards are great and all, but nothing beats having good, capable people at your side.

When we asked the Truuve team to share a little bit about each other, the amount of collaboration, strategic thought and genuine care that goes into their work became evident.

Chris Ozimko, Art Director

“Ozzy is the man. His design skills are always motivating me to step up my game. I’ve learned more from him during my first two weeks on the job than I’ve learned in the last 3 years of my previous job.”

“I admire his motivation to get new business, paired with his extensive design knowledge.”

Travis Masyk, Junior Designer

“He’s always striving to grow as a designer in all areas of the industry, whether it’s learning HTML5 ads, video pre-roll creation to even tackling web design and development issues that come up. I can say, without a doubt, there’s nothing Travis can’t handle. He’s ready for anything our clients throw at him!”

“He brings a unique flavour to the creative assets we design. Travis is an extremely fast learner, especially when it comes to new design challenges (like video editing or making HTML5 ads).”

Devon Tamagi, Paid Marketing Specialist

“Devon’s knowledge of the Google Adwords game rivals Google itself. His expertise plays a major role in our clients’ successes!”

“Strong attention to detail, the boy can target. His quality feedback helps our campaigns perform at their best.”


Q: What inspires your work?

A: “We’re inspired by modus vivendi: People’s manner of living. Cars represent human empowerment. You have the choice to go where you want, when you want. That’s always an underlying inspiration for the work we do.”

Q: What makes your agency unique?  

A: “We’re bespoke. We collaborate with our clients to create tailored marketing strategies to meet their unique goals, then we take the time to ensure they’re working at peak performance.

Most automotive marketing providers mass-produce solutions for their clients. We take pride in offering better partnerships and tailored strategies.”

Q: Why should clients work with you?

A: ”We know how demanding life can be as a GM or marketing manager in a dealership. The people in these roles deal with a lot of pressure to move inventory. We’re genuinely happy that we can alleviate some of that stress for our clients.”

“We’re specialists in our field, with years of automotive marketing experience under our belts. We know the industry inside and out, so when our clients are in a pinch and need a rush project pushed out immediately, we’ve got them covered.”

Q: What’s essential to your team’s success?

“Our communication skills and focused approach set us apart. The automotive marketing industry is extremely fast-paced and things change daily, so strong communication plays a major role in our success.

Our team is always on the ball with daily collaboration and weekly check-in meetings. We also have a solid creative team, which makes us stand out from the rest of the automotive industry.”

Q: How do you help your clients win?

A: “The automotive market is expected to see significant disruption in the next 20 years. There’s ample opportunity for marketing leadership right now, enabling our automotive clients to thrive during a time of change.

By focusing on delivering highly efficient and results-driven creative campaigns, Truuve is rapidly becoming a preferred automotive marketing agency.

We’ll get there, alongside our clients, by delivering on our promise of expert, performance-oriented marketing services, matched with strategic, creative services.”

Q: What’s next in your field?

A: “The automotive industry is on the cusp of a huge transition to green energy (a much-needed change). We care about pushing these alternative options into the marketplace.”

“At the moment, we’re really working to stay on top of the hybrid trend and the demand for fuel efficient vehicles. People are becoming more aware of climate change and their personal carbon footprint. We’re thrilled to slowly see this evolution translate into sales for our dealerships.”

Gain momentum with an award-winning agency

As you can see, the Truuve team has tons of charisma and expertise to bring to your automotive marketing projects. Everyone at Top Draw is proud to see them blaze their trail forward and support their success.

As we celebrate their ‘Best of Category’ Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award for the Truuve logo, we can’t help but imagine all the exciting things to come.

Learn more about the Truuve team and their services here.

Next month, we’ll continue The OGD blog series celebrating Top Draw’s 25th with a neon 90s spotlight on Haste Post-haste. Be sure to follow along on our social channels for a surprise or two as well.

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