May 29, 2019

Neon 90s Spotlight: Meet HP-h

Last month, we chatted with Truuve to learn more about their talented team and specialized work.

Now, it’s time to meet Top Draw’s other subsidiary, Haste Post-haste, aka HP-h.

Since 2017, this team has been growing, quickly making a name for themselves while winning over exciting accounts and awards alike.

With a focus on brand building, digital experience and omni-channel campaign creation and execution, HP-h is determined to add something new to Edmonton’s agency scene, ensuring their clients have a creative edge all their own.

Building brands to believe in  

What makes creative unmistakably unique and distinct? How can we shape something that’s truly one of a kind? These are the driving questions behind HP-h’s work, the ones that keep them coming back with ideas of all shapes, shades and sizes in tow.

The folks at HP-h have decades of experience in strategy, naming, branding, identity, advertising and digital experience. They love to see the transformations that come along with rebranding. Because, once an organization has clarity on its position and direction, it’s only natural for a positive shift in culture and community to follow, amplifying productivity and opening new paths forward.

People + purpose

From market research and strategy to brand and campaign building, website design and development to traditional advertising, HP-h brings specialized experience and a proven process to each endeavour.

As a creative agency, their strength lives in their people and purpose, in their ability to shape perceptions through genuine connections. We sat down with the diversely talented team to learn more about the business of big ideas.

The folks who hasten

Grant Currie, Executive Creative Director

“He’s a creative genius and driving force of the team. A secret weapon for any client who wants to bring about change and make a difference in their business.”

“Grant has years of experience and a deep understanding of both branding and production. He also always has a metaphor to meet any conversational need.”

Mandy Gommerud, Co-Creative Director, Writing

“With clarity, foresight and decisiveness, Mandy has an uncanny ability to weave marvellous stories through her writing.”

“She is an unrivalled mix of passion, purpose and integrity. The heart and driver of the foundational brand process as well as our resident wordsmith.”

Dustin CoulsonCo-Creative Director, Design

“Has an exceptional ability to see a solution amidst the chaos and knows how to bring it to life. He can find a brand’s simple truth, paying it off with visual concepts that turn heads.”

“Dustin is calm under pressure, supportive and enthusiastic. His work is clean, precise and efficient. His experience shows with fast and beautiful design execution.”

Lauren MorganBrand Strategist

“Experienced leading research projects with her innate ability to translate discoverable data into actionable insights that drive strategic initiatives. She’s an indispensable resource.”

“Lauren is both practical and creative. She has a strong desire to create something that actually solves a problem and fills a need, as opposed to addressing wants.”

Sara Ferguson, Art Director

“With never-ending creativity that extends to any challenge, Sara has a non-stop work ethic and is dedicated to producing the best work she can for clients.”

“She’s a skilled conceptual thinker with tireless attention to detail. She has a broad range of interactive knowledge to think through the entire process of a project.”

Rachel Gibeau, Content Manager

“Imaginative and incredibly intelligent, Rachel brings her positive attitude and creative flair to each and every endeavour.”

“We call her eagle eyes: She can spot a typo from a mile away. Her writing is top notch and her attention to detail is impeccable.”


Q: Why does branding matter?

A: “In this world, perception is everything. We build and continuously shape the way our clients are regarded by their audience. In some cases, the work we do is the difference between love and hate or success and failure.”

“People are more aware than ever. Through digital media, we’re able to connect, engage and decide in an instant whether a brand is worth our time, attention and investment. Research is quickly becoming replaced with the immediacy of impact and perception, where a well-planned and supremely executed brand is the strongest tool to build loyalty.”

Q: What makes HP-h unique?  

A: “Not only do we build strong, creative and beautiful brands with unique campaign creative, we have the in-house skillset to do the necessary market research to determine opportunities within our clients’ competitive spaces.

Rather than just building superficial brands that answer the question “Who do you (the client) want to be?”, we build brands and campaigns that answer the question “Who SHOULD you (the client) be?”  It takes us away from being passive and positions us as informed authorities.”

Q: Why should clients work with you?

A: “HP-h gives our clients an unfair advantage. Because, we believe that’s what this business requires: A fresh perspective, a new vantage point. HP-h brings a holistic approach to strategic branding, gathering the best of all talent and disciplines under one roof. We understand that in today’s rapidly moving times, companies need a creative partner that works the way they do: With agility, transparency and collaboration. Thus, giving our clients the unfair advantage.”

“A good, clean and consistent brand is always the perfect springboard to make other great things happen.”

Where will great creative take you?  

As you can tell, the team at HP-h is incredibly passionate about the power of professional strategy, design and communication. They collaborate with clients of all walks, always aiming to deliver their absolute best creative work.

As we celebrate the expanding team and awards won along the way, everyone at Top Draw is excited to see HP-h continue to succeed.

Learn more about the HP-h team and see what they can do for you and your business here.

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