Automated Solutions for Streamlining Success

TECO-Westinghouse is a leading supplier of electric motor and control products for heavy industry customers and distributors around the world. A challenge that comes with being a leading supplier is the time it takes to update and communicate product information to global customers. While developing a new website for TECO-Westinghouse, Top Draw was challenged with finding a streamlined solution for updating online product lists, information packages and the status of custom-build projects for TECO-Westinghouse distributors.

Our Solution

Top Draw developers collaborated with TECO-Westinghouse’s marketing specialists to build a custom and incredibly easy to use auto-population system. The system allows TECO-Westinghouse staff to enter and update product information through the backend of the website in a fraction of the time it took to do manually.

Top Draw also reduced the amount of manual time spent creating customer requested PDF reports by building an online PDF generator. Customers can now generate their own product reports and information packages based off their own specific calculations entered directly into the website. Finally, a custom client portal was built for TECO-Westinghouse distributors to have exclusive access to the status and pricing of products and controls, as well as status updates on custom-build projects submitted by distributors.


TECO-Westinghouse has experienced a reduction in administrative costs and hours spent on tasks that were previously completed manually. Since launching in June of 2014, TECO-Westinghouse has had over 12,000 PDF downloads and experienced a 72% increase in website traffic. The website’s responsive design has triggered a +325.63% increase in mobile traffic and +231.03% increase in traffic from tablets.