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Lloyd Sadd

Elsie: A Centre Point of Work, Culture and Growth

Lloyd Sadd is a company with an equally long history of success and specialized expertise. For half a century, teams have been partnering with businesses in providing corporate insurance solutions that protect and serve the business where and when they need help.

Being a company with a history, it has moved through the ages of print, faxes and now digital, and their document management process needed a refresh. Additionally, they wanted to create a central hub that would operate as a cultural, document process and staff onboarding system.

Research & Planning

We knew an intranet (project name: LSi or Elsie) would serve as a solution and we workshopped with each primary team to glean their business processes and how they connect.

But then came the hard part of mapping those services across departments, matching them to functions and clarifying the process and workflows for each type of user and the tasks they hope to perform. The planning was extensive and it demanded patience and attention to unpack every detail.

We needed to create a solution that solved the critical needs of these departments:

  • Information Technology
  • Broking
  • Commercial Sales
  • Human Resources

Architecture and Implementation

Once the process flows and functions were mapped, our design team created a working prototype for the client. Managers were able to test the product out before large scale development, and this gave them a sense of the look and feel. Any immediate changes were instantly implemented, saving time and ensuring equal buy in for the entire project team.

Top Features:

  • Departmental content management
  • Staff onboarding
  • A robust, site-wide enhanced search
  • A full, filterable staff directory
  • Culture building through notifications, announcements, events, and development opportunities
  • Provide new staff with an organizational sense of place
  • Library of company-accessible documents

Deployment and Testing

The development phase of any intranet project relies on a combination of technical skill, communication and flexibility, as surprises can surface when building large projects — the smallest compliance detail can scale into big problems if no one’s watching. Luckily, the most capable team members from Lloyd Sadd were charged to lead this project, and we were able to deliver a solution that reduces the effort required for their teams to perform their most important functions.

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