Edmonton International Airport

Employing a Custom Recruitment Tool to Keep Moving Forward

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is Canada’s fastest growing airport with over 5,000 employees and is home to more than 60 shops and restaurants. After launching a new website, flyeia.com, EIA needed to recreate its job recruitment microsite to a more user-friendly interface  to compliment flyeia.com. The new website would also need a user-task friendly backend to allow the human resource department to independently oversee the day-to-day management of the site with ease.


EIA and Top Draw joined forces to come up with a solution that would benefit the user, the recruiters, and the human resource team responsible for managing the site. Our solution was to create a custom online automated recruitment portal via WordPress.

Essentially, the portal gives the over 60 EIA businesses direct access to enter a new job opportunity, select submission deadlines and even upload their own logo without having to contact the EIA human resource department. Once the new job opportunity is created, the EIA human resource team is notified and requested to review, approve and oversee final publication of the new job post. Those looking for an opportunity with EIA now have a direct website to visit and line of contact to recruiters. Resumes can also be submitted directly to the portal by an upload option.


The automated portal improved the EIA’s recruitment process drastically with a simple, streamlined approach.The site receives a high volume of traffic and nearly 500 resumes are submitted every month. The success of the portal is in the numbers.