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DSL Inc.

Driving Digital in Dairy

It was 1916. Edmonton was a budding town, and scrappy engineer Robert Morris, who worked on the newly minted High Level bridge had an idea to start a dairy business. Assembling some of the biggest and most famous names in Alberta business, Morris created Alberta Dairy Supplies Limited.

Fast forward 100 years, and DSL emerged as a leading supplier, and then secured a position as a dairy equipment and commercial kitchen supplier after WWII. DSL has maintained leadership in central, western Canada and the northwestern United States for over two generations.

Volatility and Opportunity

The dairy industry has undergone huge technological innovation and disruption seems only a breath away. In commercial food, it’s often the top players who have to work hardest to keep the advancement of smaller players from eating into market share. DSL has maintained that position, but it recognized the need for a new tool in their arsenal.

Digital Strategy

DSL has been bringing technological innovations into its business process since its inception. It pivoted when the industry moved away from door to door milk delivery, taking on food equipment supply to make up for losses.

Customer Behavior Drives Digital

Today, though, the challenge was the buyer. Spanned across the continent, these prospects and buyers were using different devices to shop for different products, and they had unique concerns when it came to servicing, warranties and customer care. Additionally, DSL’s online presence wasn’t representative of the brand, and their current brand was going through a refresh. They needed a digital baseline from which to build and broaden their marketing reach and strengthen customer relations in the process.

Broad Views with Focused Tactics

The Top Draw team performed research into their buyers, their industry and their competitors to give DSL an unbiased view of the landscape. In it were opportunities, possible directions and risks to actions to review. A strategic view of these opportunities were applied with tactics that would cement the brand value, and history. An action plan was created that listed out channels to target and these laid the groundwork for DSL’s digital marketing activity over the next 18 months. Included was a site redesign and various paid and search marketing efforts to reach and retain prospects and further promote its centennial anniversary.

DSL may be a 100-year-old company, but it sees itself as a 100-years-to-go company. Preserving a vision that long term demands that the details get handled, and with Top Draw as DSL’s service provider, the DSL team maintains its confidence and position as a leader in food equipment supply.

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