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At Top Draw, our development process involves moving the site to a few locations. Some of us start on a local server, then move it to a staging location and then deploy it to a production server. The main problem with having multiple environments and URLs is that WordPress stores full urls across posts, media files, upload paths, and so on.

To help ourselves with this tedious process of going through the database checking for old paths, we created a little plugin called Deploy Helper. This plugin goes through the whole database to find a pattern on any field on any table, and replace it with a new string. It also helps by telling you some basic permission problems you may have with the most common files and paths. (Things we usually forget to check after moving to a new location).

One of the main differences with plugins already available is that Deploy Helper scans every field on any table, and will properly handle serialized data in an non-destructive way. This is intended to be used after moving the site to a new location.


The plugin can be downloaded from multiple locations:

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  1. I’m interested in using this plugin for a client site. Does everything seem to be compatible with WP 3.5.1? Any issues that you’re aware of?

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