Whitespark Local Citation Building Service Review

We all know search marketing is in constant flux. The elegant workflow you used in 2010 is pretty well obsolete, and though it’s mostly for the best, it’s not getting easier to win… it’s getting tougher.

Here at Top Draw, we’re always tinkering with new tools and techniques to help squeeze out the most bang for our clients’ bucks. One great way to achieve this is to save time on repetitive tasks.

One such time-saver we’re totally digging is Whitespark’s new-ish Local Citation Building Service. It’s easy to use, and the output is the opposite of spam (filet mignon?). prime_filet

What it does

If you do business locally and want leads from the web, you need a few things; an address, a website, a Google+ Local page, and lots of good quality local links and citations with consistent NAP (name address phone).

One of the most gruelling pieces of the puzzle is reviewing all your existing listings for consistency. You really don’t want to have to do this, it sucks. But Whitespark’s got your back. Computer-Frustrated1 Then once all your data is straight, the other thing you won’t want to do is find all the good clean directories (national and local) that are willing to list your business and fill them up with all the goodies (services, hours, photos, videos, twitter feeds, links and so on).

Whitespark’s got you covered there too. With their service you get all your listings tidied up, lots of great of new ones submitted, and hours that you would have otherwise spent doing this, back. I think it’s swell.

Who it’s for

Anyone can fill out an intake form and do the deed. I humbly propose that for best results you ensure that your website and Google Local page are properly optimized and connected, and that you consult with your friendly neighbourhood web marketing firm when selecting what wording and information to submit.

That said, I think the audience this service serves best are internet marketers themselves. We know best how to leverage links and citations, so when armed with a service that takes on the ever time-consuming piecework of making the submissions, well… look out. rambo-bobblehead

How it works

Head over to the order page, fill in the basics, and select how many generic and/or local citations you wish to submit. Pricing is very reasonable and I find the sweet spot to be around 0. Whitespark Citation Building Submission Service Pricing Now you’ll want to download the intake form and crack it open. It’s a bit of a job to fill everything in, but I recommend you do. Check and double check for mistakes because those might haunt you. Save it, upload it and go do something awesome with all that time you just saved! kittens fireman corpus christi texas

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