What You Should Do Before A Livestream On Blab

blab screenshot with top draw and baconhound

In case you missed it, last week Top Draw got to chat digital marketing with Phil Wilson, the talented man behind local Edmonton restaurant and home cooking blog, Baconhound. Rather than meet with Phil to talk and later edit the entire conversation to post publicly, Top Draw’s social media strategist, Beverly Theresa, and senior content strategist, Idris Fashan, chose to livestream the entire event on Blab.

This was Top Draw’s first time using Blab, ever. For those who tuned in, you might have noticed a few hiccups during our broadcasting. The great part about Blab is that it airs in real-time, so the conversation between Phil, Beverly and Idris was completely unscripted, unedited and honest. (We hope you enjoyed!) As newbies to the platform, there are a few things we’re thrilled that we did ahead of time and a couple other things we wish we had.

Since broadcasting and taking some time to reflect on the whole event, we came away with a few tips for new Blab users and hosts. We hope you find our lessons helpful for preparing your own Blab session.

What we learned

Do a “test Blab” with your guest

If your Blab guest isn’t familiar with Blab, schedule a test blab to be done between the two of you. Phil and I did a test Blab the evening before so he could get familiar and confident with the interface.

Don’t schedule a Blab when your office is under renovation

My bad! We scheduled a Blab with Phil at 4:15pm, I assumed construction would have been done for the day, but I should have double-checked.

Sign in ahead of time

Idris and I were the hosts, and we did this! It was SO useful to have the extra 5-10 minutes to set up and get ourselves acquainted with the audience and the Blab activity being generated.

Live tweets

Take the time to address your audience’s comments on the right-hand side. There was some great engagement, but neither Idris nor myself had thought about contributing. Not only is the right-hand side great for users to comment or ask questions during a Blab, but hosts can share links to what they’re talking about as well.

Make time for questions

Questions at the end of the Blab from viewers would have been great.

Missed us?

For those who weren’t able to join us, here’s a recorded session of our Blab with Phil.

Blab Props

blab props

We’d like to give some “Blab props” to everyone who followed along. And a special thanks to Phil Wilson for being a great guest! You can find out more about Phil on his blog, Facebook and Twitter.

To get notified of Blab’s we’ll be doing in the future, follow us on Twitter and Blab. And if you want to talk social media marketing, get in touch with me!

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