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When I first started working in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & was asked, “what do you do for a living?” I always responded with “I’m an SEO Analyst.”  The reaction I received was normally a blank confused stare or something like “what is that?” or “uhmm ok, I have no idea what that is.”  I would always have to launch into a long  spiel explaining what SEO stands for, what it is, & sometimes it got really awkward and even more confusing. So I figured, maybe if I changed my answer people wouldn’t be so confused.  Instead of replying “I’m an SEO Analyst” I’d reply “I work in Online Marketing.”  Boy was I wrong! I’d still get confused replies & often people would respond with the classic “ohhhh you are the ones who make pop up ads and put them all over the internet, right?”

It seemed that no matter how I explained what my job was, I still got blank stares or confused questions. It got me thinking about the responses my co-workers received when describing that they work in SEO. Here are some of their answers.

1.  SEO is when you pay Google to rank your website higher, right?

Only if you are talking about Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which can compliment SEO. SEO has nothing to do with paying Google. However Pay Per Click advertising is paying Google to post your website in the paid section of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) which falls under the SEM category, not SEO.

2. SEO is when you guarantee results, right?

No, there is no way to guarantee results.  People searching from one browser downtown & someone searching on another browser signed into their Gmail account on the south side of the same city could have different results. If someone is guaranteeing you results, I’d be worried.

3. SEO is when you tweet stuff on twitter, right?

Tweeting stuff is more in the Social Media Marketing category, although Social Media campaigns do compliment SEO as well. Many SEO firms are now beginning to offer Social Media packages along with their SEO packages.

4. SEO is when you communicate with Google & ask them to rank your clients higher, right?

No, we don’t communicate with anyone at Google. There is no need to speak with anyone at Google as we can optimize anyone’s website without talking with them. However, we do keep up to date with any of Google’s Algorithm changes by reading their blogs & press releases.

5. SEO is when you put links on websites to Porn sites, right?

Not at all! We do not work in Porn! SEO has nothing to do with online porn!

6. SEO is pretty shady; it’s when you put irrelevant content hidden on your website so you rank higher, right?

Nope, not at all. That’s really unethical & Google can ban your site for practicing anything as unethical as hidden irrelevant keywords, which is the last thing we’d want. Google is really smart!

So what is SEO then you ask?

Well, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or a web page in search engines via natural and/or un-paid organic search results.  SEO looks into how search engines work & what exactly people search for in search engines. Optimizing a website can involve editing its content, HTML and coding to both increase its relevance as well as promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks or inbound links.

Top Draw practices proven and strictly ethical search engine optimization methods only. In an industry laden with SEO firms that focus solely on search engine rankings, Top Draw takes great pride in going above and beyond the SERPS by offering our clients ethical search engine optimization services that produce results.

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