What is OMMYEG?

Last night, Adriel and I played host to our monthly online marketing meetup, which we affectionately refer to as OMMYEG. If you’ve ever wondered what this event is about and whether or not you should attend, read on!

The format is pretty casual. We meet at a pre-arranged restaurant or pub. Typically, a handful of people give presentations, usually five minutes or less, to spark discussion. Topics are anything and everything loosely associated with online marketing. Almost anything goes! In September, we enjoyed three presentations.

Dana DiTomaso – Social Bro

First up was Dana DiTomaso, a lovely lady who specializes in “web stuff” . Dana gave us a quick walk-through of a new, free program called Social Bro. Have you ever wanted a neat way to manage, optimize and create reports based on your social media experience? Social Bro does that! Currently the program is in Beta, so keep that in mind if you try it out. Things in Beta tend to change frequently and there can be some quirks – namely, support that is primarily in Portuguese  (they’re based out of Brazil). Overall, it’s a neat program. We like it and will keep an eye on it. I can almost guarantee I wasn’t the only one who rushed home eager to sign up and try it out.

Adriel Michaud – G+ Pages for Business

Next, Adriel gave a presentation on G+ pages for business. And while we’d like to say that everyone has rushed out to start using G+ for business, it appears that so far only the G+ geeks are on top of this. Most businesses are creating their pages and holding them until Google starts to better integrate its platform. After this Google developer’s rant, we’re hoping to see implementation across platforms soon! For now, there’s not a lot happening on the G+ business front that is ground breaking. We do hope that changes soon because we, like Yegge says, “in the end really do want Google to be successful.”

Geneve Champoux – Lululemon’s Recent Ad Campaign

Geneve, writer and editor from Red Paper Clip, then presented her reaction to a  recent advertising campaign from yoga giant, Lululemon.  This initiated a lot of discussion around whether Lululemon’s choice was a smart one. Consensus seemed to be that the risks far outweighed the benefits. Most agreed that skimming the surface of a character like John Galt for the glossy sound bite “greatness over mediocrity” is dangerous. You see, Mr. Galt, when taken in context, is quite different than the “peace, love and yoga-mat” lifestyle that Lululemon once espoused. Whether or not this gamble will pay off remains to be seen.

Consider this your personal invitation!

As you can see, the topics of the presentations run the gamut, and we change up presenters from week to week, just to keep things lively. We do guarantee a lot of tasty food – and the first round of drinks is always on us! We depend on you, the attendees, to ignite the conversation.

If you want to learn more about online marketing, or if you have something valuable to contribute – we’d love to see you at an upcoming OMMYEG event. Our get-together occurs once a month, typically the third Wednesday, from 5:30pm – 8:00pm. Please visit our Online Marketing Meetup page for more information.

See you soon!


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2 thoughts on “What is OMMYEG?

  1. Thanks again for having us at OMMYEG. We always love to come down and see what all of our fellow online marketing/”web stuff” people are up to.

    This was our first OMMYEG meetup where mini presentations and discussions were held, and it was a blast! We look forward to seeing what nifty stuff people have to show us next time, and perhaps even having another kick at the can ourselves. We promise we’ll be more prepared. ;)

    1. You guys did a fantastic job – looking forward to your next go ’round. We’re definitely looking for people to volunteer to speak, so pick a month! :)

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