Welcome Back Ken!

Our fearless leader, Ken Jurina, travels occasionally and we’ve always wanted to pull some sort of prank to show how much we love him. We’ve floated ideas like My Little Pony/90’s boy band posters and stationary, tin-foiling his desk and chairs and even the ever popular water cup prank.


Unfortunately, we’ve never gotten around to making any of these happen. Work took precedence whenever we had the opportunity.

Well, Ken and his family spent last week in Florida… and we had a bit of time at the end of the day this past Friday. So we put our heads together and came up with this:

Nic Cage Face Swap Time

We scanned a few select photos from Ken’s office (he has quite a few to choose from), did a little photoshopping, and replaced his photos with our printouts. Some of them were more subtle than others.

The Reception

After a few hours in his office, Ken spotted something off about his son’s photo (the first one above). He’s a good dad like that. It actually wasn’t until the afternoon that something struck him as odd about the Christmas Bureau photo. Upon closer inspection he realized that he hadn’t yet seen the full extent of our work.

He proceeded to track down the remaining photos… or did he?

(You actually did Ken, promise.)


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