Web Traffic Soars for Canadian Hot Tub Manufacturer as they Expand Online Strategies into European Market

It’s the type of ROI that companies dream of: The quadrupling of qualified web traffic AND an impressive 250% – 800% increase in online sales leads.

Arctic Spas, a well-established Alberta-based manufacturer of hot tubs, swim spas, hot tub supplies and other leisure products, recently experienced this surge in traffic and leads to their United Kingdom website just weeks after search engine optimization and site redevelopment.

When Arctic Spas hired Edmonton-based partner companies, Epiar, SEO specialists and Top Draw, a web development agency, last summer, they were seeking intuitive experts that would help them increase web traffic, conversions and ultimately, sales leads. Through intensive search engine optimization, site structure redesign and custom backend development, these internet strategists are surpassing expectations.

Using industry-leading proprietary software, Epiar provided extensive keyword research, data analysis and recommendations that Top Draw first implemented in the main Arctic Spas (www.arcticspas.com) site rebuild. The redeveloped website also features a dynamic customized content management system that Jody Gamracy, Marketing Manager of Arctic Spas, deems a vast improvement over their previous platform.

With initial goals achieved, the next assignment was to expand Arctic Spas’ presence in Europe by driving traffic to their local dealer network via targeted internet marketing. The new UK site was to be based on the same framework as the main Arctic site. Since www.arcticspas.co.uk had an established online presence, a solid baseline of activity is available for comparison.

Analytics traffic for arcticspas.co.uk pre- and post launch shows a spike in visits

It is important to note that these results have been filtered for “branded” searches; that is, all specific references to Arctic Spas’ brand names. Unbranded search traffic is thought of as a cleaner statistic to determine SEO success because it measures only visitors who found the site using a search engine for “generic searches” (ie. hot tubs, hot tubs uk, etc.).  As a measurement, this is thought of as new visitors who wouldn’t have normally found the website without clicking on a well placed search result.

Besides the volume of traffic to this European site, the number of leads (emails, contact form submissions, etc.) has also spiked. David Martin, Co-Owner of Arctic Spas UK Division indicated that, “Before we transferred the site over, our expectations were very high. We had heard great feedback on the redevelopment of arcticspas.com. With the time and research put into the new site by Top Draw, we had a lot of confidence that the new site would succeed. It is still relatively early, as the site has been live for only 6 weeks, but initial signs are very promising. We have seen an impressive increase in traffic and leads have increased from 2-3 a week to 1-5 a day which has had a massive impact on business. The overall effect of the site has been very positive and we hope to see continued improvement over the coming months.”

As for Epiar and Top Draw’s role in this online success story, Ken Jurina, President of both companies states, “Arctic Spas is a successful Canadian brand that needed aggressive internet strategies to take their business to new heights. I’m proud of what we have been able to accomplish to date and look forward to continuing this trend as we help Arctic Spas break new ground at home and in international arenas.”

For more information on how Epiar’s search engine optimization and Top Draw’s programming and implementation were able to achieve these remarkable results for Arctic Spas, contact Adriel Michaud, Business Development, at 780-429-9993.

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