Horrific Web Developer/Designer Tell-All

There are many terrifying tales of the nightmares web developers and designers have suffered during their quest to reach project greatness: Comic Sans on business cards, code not commented properly, in-line CSS…

But no one, I mean no one, has lived to tell of worse horrors than our Senior Web Developer, Tammy. Hear her story from when she was a young junior developer, witness her raw distress over a graphic design fail.

Content Warning: This video WILL make web developers and graphic designers cringe!

Leave us a comment below and let us know some of your own horror stories.

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4 thoughts on “Horrific Web Developer/Designer Tell-All

  1. …AAAhhhhh… way to horrifying … then there was the time a client asked “What color do you want…. ” sent in a copy of the color chart….by fax… “would you like that black, lighter black or….?” .LOL

  2. I had a client last year that I picked up off of Freelancer.com – and was the nightmare of all nightmares. I made the mistake of bidding a flat rate on his site and was on schedule to make about $60 per hour on the design which I was content with. By the time he changed the changes that were made to his previous changes ( which were based on different changes ) – my time investment had gone from a budgeted 40 hours to well over 200 man hours plus numerous long distance bills – and then got stiffed for a grand on the project – the end result was I made about $6 an hour off of this moron. Moral of the story – I never ever start a project without 100% of funds in escrow ( as if they don’t have the cash at the beginning where is going to come from in the end ) as well as setting numerous releases for milestones along the way to ensure cash flow keeps coming in as slow clients can kill your business.

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