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Video Remarketing is similar to Display Remarketing in that it targets users who visit your website and then leave. Within the AdWords realm, video remarketing enables advertisers to advertise to those prospects when they’re on YouTube watching videos: either with a short video ad before the real video, or with the little pop up on the video or a display ad within the “suggested videos” section.

Pricing is on a Max Cost Per View (CPV) basis. You put whatever you’re willing to pay for someone to watch your ad, and it goes into YouTube’s auction system, very similar to the AdWords platform. For in-stream ads, you only pay if someone watches at least 30 seconds of your video, whereas for in-display ads, you pay when someone clicks your ad. Unlike standard display ads that push people towards a website, video remarketing display ads more often push people to view a video.

targeting optionsThis type of targeting is very interesting because there are a lot of options within YouTube for creating your audience list. One of the most powerful advertising tools that you receive with YouTube advertising that you would never receive in other video formats is the extreme granularity that you use in the targeting of your ads. From interests, to demographics, to previous views, to website visits you as an advertiser have the ability to focus your advertising efforts in a way that television advertisers could only dream of.


Videos have been shown to hold the attention of the online user longer than any other form of on-page media. For those of you who have the capability to produce high quality videos related to your brand, YouTube advertising affords you the opportunity to not only present an engaging piece of content in front of an audience, it allows you to be incredibly focused with those ads and video clips. That means fewer wasted impressions, fewer non-converting clicks and a strong increase in your online presence!


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