Upload YEG: Episode 1 – Welcome to Digital Edmonton

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#UploadYEG is a podcast recorded at Top Draw, and will be a series of panel discussions exploring emerging trends, case studies, industry practices, social impacts, opportunities, identifying areas of growth, events, and politics and how digital strategy can play a major role. All while maintaining a focus on providing solutions, for the citizens of #YEG.

It’s meant to be educational, entertaining, but more than anything, we hope it provides some fuel to conversations you are already having: with your friends, colleagues, or even, if you’re anything like me, inside your own head.

Today’s Podcast is entitled Welcome to Digital Edmonton. A discussion about the digital community in which we live, and how citizens and businesses of this community can leverage #YEG’s amazing connectivity, to build their personal and professional brands, as well as make the world a little bit better.

Today’s Hosts @Sandenn, @tammalee, @PeterWegren

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