Top Draw Now Powered by Epiar

Date October 4, 2011 – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Edmonton Company Poised to be Dominant Developer of Online Marketing Tools for B2B

Edmonton, AB – Top Draw Inc. (, is positioned to be Western Canada’s premiere online marketing agency by leveraging the immense success brought to their clients for the last 10 years by officially joining forces with Epiar, a pace setting SEO firm that Top Draw has worked collaboratively with since its inception. This integration will give clients access to the most prolific team of web professionals, tools and techniques in Western Canada. The new business, “Top Draw Inc. powered by Epiar” will result in a streamlined process for the client, while allowing the development team at Top Draw to continue to build and improve innovative online marketing tools and practices and enhance client service in a measureable way.

Previously the two companies were related but operated as separate entities. Working collaboratively to maximize client benefits, it quickly became obvious to both companies that the combined expertise and technology offered clients something they couldn’t find through other providers.

“Over the past 5 years, Top Draw and Epiar together have given us an online tool that is helping to grow our business. Our website independently generates 15% new business each year. In addition, their ongoing CRO and SEO work continually improves our website and allows us to confidently and successfully break into new markets. The opportunity to work with one company going forward is very exciting for us”, says Karen Bodoano, Operations Manager at Sentinel Self Storage. Sentinel Self Storage is so certain that the relationship gives them a competitive edge that they have negotiated an exclusive position with Top Draw and Epiar as it relates to the self-storage industry.

“We know that we have technology and techniques that give proven results to our clients; and the collaborative work between the organizations has been a very large part of that.” said Ken Jurina,  President of Top Draw Inc. “With Top Draw now being powered by Epiar, this is a situation where we can combine to be more than just the sum of our strengths. What we offer is a balance of technology and creativity that surpasses our competitors in terms of client value. There is an exponential value to us integrating Epiar in to our suite of services that simply could not be achieved any other way. There isn’t a competitor that can provide what we can now. This is a victory for our clients and a victory for our joint investment in this technology.”

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