Top Draw Goes Back to School (Part Two) – Wright & Wong Edition

Following in the footsteps of our director Adriel Michaud and senior Nick Pierno so that we don’t get left in their proverbial dust, Natalie and Wilson have hopped onto the certification train by becoming qualified in both Google Analytics and Google Adwords as well!

Adwords Cert

DANNY-TANERTop Draw now has fourcount ’em, four certified Individuals who can lead Adwords and Analytics initiatives for clients, so know that you’re in good hands when you decide to give us a shout!

We are also a certified Google Partner and are listed in their directory as “Top Draw Inc” if you ever want to check us out. Being listed as a certified Google Partner is pretty snazzy as it means we’ve proven we have certified individuals who have met all of Google’s partner status requirements, and that we adhere to Google’s recommended best practices.

If anyone out there is wondering how well we did on the exams, let’s just say that while some questions were answered Wong, the vast majority were Wright. Hehehe.

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