Top Draw Goes Back to School – Google Adwords & Analytics Certifications

Not too long ago we (Adriel & Nick) patted ourselves on the backs for passing the Google Analytics IQ tests with flying colours, becoming a couple of the very few GAIQ certified individuals around these parts. We even got fancy certificate printouts!

Yet there was still more to achieve. So we rounded up the Red Bull and Cheetos (actually it was Babybels and Earth Water, but whatever) and hit the books. Once we were all studied up we blocked out an afternoon and each took two more Google tests. This time we went after individual Adwords certification.


In order to get certified we each needed to pass two timed “closed-book” exams (where you literally download a browser that won’t let you open any other programs or windows for the duration of the test). A passing grade was 75% or above.

On both the fundamentals and advanced exams we each managed 90% or more, granting us both our individual certifications handily. If only highschool had been about online marketing.


But wait! There’s more!

If your company has at least two Adwords certified professionals you may be granted the venerable Google Adwords Certified Partner status. You even get your own snazzy page in their partners directory.


And just so our online marketing school friends think we’re even cooler, we recently became Google Engage for Agencies members as well!

That’ll do Top Draw. That’ll do.


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