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A few of us are heading to UX Camp on October 20th and 21st to provide actionable tips, tools, techniques around creating great user experiences:

  • Katherine will show you how to leverage digital channels and user centred research to improve user experience. She will cover several tools and techniques to gather and validate user feedback in order to have better insights and stronger products and campaigns.
  • Kristel and Carissa will  show you how to solve your biggest problems with a journey map at their workshop on October 20th! 

Leverage Digital Channels to Improve User Experience

Great experiences are powered by great user centred research. By joining Katherine’s talk, you will learn how UX can improve social media and how social media is part of the users experience. W

When you use traditional methods of quantitative and qualitative research to identify user intention, opportunity and needs – you can take advantage of digital channels to form faster and more accurate insights to improve your users experience. And in today’s social driven digital ecosystem, marketers need to use advanced tools and techniques to push these research methods to the next level.

Customer Journey Workshop

If you have an internal struggle about who your customers are and how they interact with you and your organization, you should check out our workshop. Let us know have specific questions about journey mapping by filling out the form below and we’ll try to cover them!

Our hands-on instruction will allow you to:

  • Visualize where there are customer service gaps and/or overlap
  • Provide a method that will help get everyone in the organization on the same page to better understand where and how their customers interact with them
  • Tips for focusing on customers behaviours, thoughts and feelings as they interact with your organization
  • Gain a clear understanding of your customer touchpoints
  • Find opportunities to deliver the best customer experience, from initial awareness through engagement, and eventually into a long-term relationship

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