Top 6 Reasons to Consider Switching from Facebook to Google+

To follow Adriel Michaud’s blog post The Top 5 Things You Need To Know About Google+ , I would like to propose the top 6 reasons why I think people may consider switching from Facebook to Google+.

Google+ is almost a clone of Facebook.  The interface is very similar and Google+ has many of the same options as Facebook.  If it’s so similar then, why switch?

1. Organization

Everything you need to organize your life and keep in touch with friends and family is now in one place. You don’t have to open your email, Facebook account, Flixter account , etc. Simply sign in to your Google Account and receive access to your email, calendar, documents, photos, YouTube videos and more. But most importantly, Google+ allows you to keep track of friends and family updates in the same account.

2. Simplicity & Ease of use

The Google+ interface is also clean, simple and easy to use. Facebook can be confusing. It can take a while to find certain settings and often you forget how to get back to those settings. Google+’s settings are easy to use and easy to find.

3. Circles & Sharing

Yay for circles! This EASILY helps you control which groups of friends you share information with.  Do you really want to share your friend’s bachelorette pictures in Vegas with your mom? Probably not. But you do want to share them with the 12 girls that were in Vegas with you. You can do this easily by only allowing access to your specific circle of girlfriends. Google+ can help you stay true to the famous quote “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”!

4. Privacy

Photo and chat privacy. If you upload a photo to Facebook, Facebook owns this picture. Yes, every picture that you or your friends have uploaded is now owned by a billion dollar Internet company.  Even if you don’t use Facebook often or you don’t own an account, your friends may be uploading pictures of you. Now don’t bother rushing home to delete every fault-finding picture of yourself. Facebook doesn’t delete the photos from their servers, only from your page. If your friends are tagged in those pictures, they are still present on their profile. It’s too late! When you upload a photo to Google+, on the other hand, it’s not owned by Google. It is not saved on a server after its deleted. You can upload pictures and remove them later with no consequences. The same applies to Facebook chat. Every single chat has been saved since 2007, when this feature was launched. Nothing is private! With Google chat, you can adjust your settings to “off the record”. This gives you the ability to chat and not have any of your information stored in your history. With Facebook, I have found no option to turn this off.

5. Ownership & Rights

You can actually delete your Google account if you want. When you delete your Facebook account, it simply becomes inactive. You can re-open your account in a month or a year and all of your pictures, posts and comments will still be there. When you delete your Google+ account, as far as I know, it is DELETED, permanently. Google and Facebook seem to have different definitions for privacy.

6. Un-Creepiness

There is little ability to creep. This may hinder a switch for those who enjoy creeping, or sway a private person into making the change. There is no wall with Google+. How many times have you seen someone new to Facebook post in their status “It was great seeing you last night. Your kids are growing up so fast.” Instead of writing on someone’s wall, they announce their message to all their Facebook friends. With Google+, you simply enter a message in the Share bar “status bar” and select only the friend’s name to whom it applies. Where do these messages go? Not to a wall where EVERYONE can read and creep and find out what people are saying to you. The message shows up in your stream “news feed” and alerts your friend of a message. If you don’t want people writing on your wall “congrats on the new job” when you haven’t yet informed your current employer, and you have co-workers as Facebook friends, Google allows you increased privacy. When you want to share news, you have to select names or choose a circle of friends when updating your share bar.

If Google continues to add features, such as improving the ability to manage photo albums and add business page options, I believe Google+ could be the new Facebook. Still in its infancy, it isn’t much fun yet because of the low numbers. But once all of your friends have joined and Google has added additional features, it will be just like Facebook but a lot easier to use, full of privacy and give you access to everything in one place.

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