The Power of Social Media

Talking about the importance of social media feels a lot like telling someone that the earth is round. I’m not talking about making this statement in the 1500’s when that would have been revolutionary. I’m talking about now. Try it for yourself and see what kind of looks you get.

The rapid adoption of social media by hundreds of millions of people around the globe proves that social media isn’t a fad and it isn’t going to disappear. Refusing to accept this as fact and to learn how to utilize social media to your advantage… is, well, just plain silly. We may as well offer you free membership to the Flat Earth Society.

The fact is, social media is revolutionizing the way we live and the way we do business. The notion of a ‘global community’ has rapidly become reality and if you want to know what is happening in this frantic-paced community, you absolutely have to be plugged in.

Still need convincing?

All of the major newsworthy events for the last two years broke on Twitter. Hours before they were announced on traditional news outlets, social media had it covered: Trayvon Martin, the Tsunami in Japan, Osama Bin Laden’s death, the Chilean miners, elections in the US and Canada, the Occupy Wallstreet Movement, the fires in Slave Lake, missing children being reunited with their families, Gaddafi being overthrown, the deaths of Jack Layton, Steve Jobs, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. You see how prolific the examples are? Within hours, sometimes even minutes, the word was out and, in some cases, the masses were mobilizing to get involved.

Wondering how in the world hundreds of millions of people with differing opinions, ideologies and beliefs can unite for change? Desire. The desire to connect and engage is the common thread for all social media users. Don’t believe it? Google all of the examples provided above and then do some searches on Twitter and Facebook. The results will show countless situations where the social global community has harnessed online momentum and mobilized it into offline influence. See how many times the social community has influenced governments and corporations to do better and act better – to remember the reasons why they’re in business in the first place. When those governments and corporations take notice and information is shared, when ideas are exchanged and people are connected, amazing things can happen!

So what does this mean for you, a local business owner?

More and more of your clients are looking for your social presence. They have likely experienced the sweet taste of the power of social media. They want to be able to tweet you and say, “Thanks for that awesome cup of coffee this morning!”; or to post a question on your Facebook page and know that they will get a timely response. It isn’t enough to just have a website any more. Your clients want to know that you are the expert and that you are actually working in their best interest. Good news if you value customer service! Your customers are savvy and they have oodles of information at their fingertips.

This influential platform offers a huge opportunity for business

Social media is great for brand awareness, but you have to go beyond that if you want to keep your customers happy and walking through your door for years to come. Go the distance. Be available to engage, exchange ideas and provide help on your client’s terms. If you aren’t willing to do that, there is a chance that your customer will find a competitor who is.

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